Hi everyone!

My name is Yehya Hafez – a 27-year-old Egyptian web designer who is obsessed with making things that are not just unique, but beautiful too. Based in Hurghada City, I enjoy living near the sea with my lovely wife Elena.

Being a perfectionist, no matter what it is that I work on, I make sure that I deliver only the best. No matter where in the world you are based, be it in Egypt, USA, Australia, or any other country, I will be more than willing to come up with top notch quality designs for you.

Also, effective communication is guaranteed! I have also acquired an official license from the Government of Egypt for the operation of a web design company. As a client, I will also provide you with stamped and signed contracts together with money receipts, which goes to show my dedication to delivering professional services.

Professional life – I came, I designed, I conquered!

I started off as being a part of small teams for web design in Egypt, which lead to me serving as a project manager. The years of experience that I hold have made it possible for me to see how the tiniest of elements merge together in order to form a greater whole. Not only do I consider the bigger picture, but make sure that I also pay attention to the smallest of details, thereby portraying my in-depth desire to fulfill the requirements of all projects to the best of my abilities.

My basic belief is that designs that ignore people (or their viewers) are the ones that get ignored by people in return. To me, it is necessary for a designer in Egypt to make sure that they pay ample attention to the functionality of a design, because, it isn’t just how a design looks, but also how it works that matters!

So, what all do I do? Here goes:

•Web Design
•Web Development
•Branding & Identity
•Social Media
•Online Marketing
•Project Management

Yes, I am a one man army if that is what you’d like to call me! My abilities have given me immense strength, and I can proudly claim being very rough and tough – nothing can break me down! So, no matter how basic or intricate a project it is that you have, make sure that you get in touch with me for it!

When you take on my services, you can rest assured that I am going to come up with outstanding designs not just for you and me, but for your clients mainly. I have my own set of designing rules, which include keeping things as simple as possible, and incorporating the least amount of elements. My passion for perfection is going to reflect in the projects that I deliver to you.

Personal life – Living life to the fullest!

In my personal life, I am a simple, down-to-earth guy from Egypt who lives a happy life and does whatever he can to make others happy too. Apart from my fascination with creating new and unique things, I also have an undying love for the Salsa dance. I believe in living a healthy life, for which reason I regularly go shopping (a guy’s got to look his best, right?). Apart from that, I also enjoy reading adventurous stories.

So, if you want exquisite designing services from someone who would actually listen to your requirements, then I, Yehya Hafez, a reliable Egyptian web designer am your best pick!



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